I bet these will get wiped down with alcohol often in offices :mask:


Just saw that looks interesting. Would like to see the specs on it. Plus the laptop charger looked very useful.

Looking at the picstures from Steelcase the charging is direct via gold ring connectors on teh bottom. I wonder how resistant tha twill be to morning groggy beverage spills.

I’d think these would also be very useful when combined with the upcoming Powerline DC cables as well.

Obviously these are more for commercial use and not intended for consumer level stuff (plus its Steelcase and lordy is that thing gonna cost a small fortune if my current office chair is any indicator)

I had a situation last year where about a hundred of us were in a room with laptops all day working and there wasn’t enough power sockets. One table strang a long extension cord and then someone trapped it accidentally and BANG!!! (*)

A few of these to help fill holes in power in places would be handy.

In my case I was using my tablet laptop which ran on 18W PD and I was moving my Powercore between wall and table just fine, but most people aren’t geeks and need help.

** I never knew how high a 50 year man can jump til then :leg:

I tend to travel with a small-ish belkin power wall adapter with 2 ac ports and 2 usb ports. That way I can always borrow a wall socket port without having to disconnect someone who’s already using it. I always ask permission just so they dont’ freak out I’m unplugging them, and I did run into one person who’s laptop battery was basically broken so they asked not to since it would power down their laptop in the 1 second it took me to swap it, which is reasonable.

Though these days I’ve kinda tended to drop that, for my travel adapter that already has 4 usb A slots

I did kinda similar say 5 years ago I’d carry within USA an extension cord, type with 3 sockets, primarily to solve older hotel socket location issues, in airports if sockets all used I did same as you, sitting next to someone using the socket and asking them. Once Powercore got beefy enough I dumped the extension cord.

2020 is a bad year to launch office products. Work from home products would be a good investment. :face_with_head_bandage:

If it came out last yera, they probably could have sold their entire inventory to WeWork

Steelcase deals in a lot of high margin, low volume products anyway. So it makes sense for them to be selling something this niche as this. Steelcase really deals with different kinds of corporate customers.

There are a lot of businesses that will not let people work from home regardless of the Coronavirus. They view the risk of data leakage to be too high to allow it. Fidelity has an entire office empty office complex in RI, running 24/7, dedicated to the sole purpose of moving everyone from Boston there in the event the Boston offices get leveled. Remote work isn’t even part of the disaster planning.

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If they want to know what is a stateless thin client device, I charge a reasonable consulting fee. :innocent:

If they want to lose 50% of their staff for 3 weeks, keep ignoring…