Static noise with Aux plugged in sound core motion +

got this really weird problem…when I plug in my aux cord, sometimes there is a loud static noise audible. Almost like a radio station white noise sound. Its really annoying. Doesn’t happen with bluetooth just when cord is plugged in. Doesn’t matter what its plugged into as I’ve tried different sources and different cords and I have 2 of these speakers which it does it on both. Same setup with other speakers is fine so there is something weird going on?

I remember another thread a couple of months saying similar, I think a new AUX cable fixed it.

I may be able to find the thread… I tried searching “aux static” and “aux quality” and “3.5mm” but can’t find the thread…

Also i own the Motion+ and other audio products. Some non-earthed chargers cause static. If you’re also at the same time plugged in USB charger, try earthing (touch speaker, touch metal going to ground like kitchen tap) to see if it’s charger related.

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I would try another cable.
There are different types of Aux-cables.

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Make sure your auxiliary cable only has 2 barrels as shown beloww

And not three as shown below


Thats what I meant, Rob! :smile:

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I know, some people just don’t realize the difference and insist its all the same

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