Static IP Address for Homebase

Is it possible to set a static IP address on the Homebase?

may be possible. contact with your internet provider they can setup.

Homebase connects to network via your home router or dedicated internet router. Most routers have option to make a reservation for IP address on the DHCP setting.

You should be able to do it on the routers.

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thats how i did mine, hell half my 40 network devices (cams, tv, xbox, plex server, etc) are setup with a reservation, makes it easy to tinker with them if i have to

Yeah, my DHCP server has the ability to handle reservations, but what I am looking for is a way to do it locally on the Homebase and not a reservation on my DHCP server. So, today there is no way to do this? Would it be possible to SSH to the Homebase and modify the /etc/networks/interfaces file?

To be clear, I’m looking to assign my Homebase an address from my non-Internet routable RFC-1918 address pool. I’m not referring to the address that my ISP gave me for the outside interface of my firewall, which is already static.



It obtains a dynamic IP from the front network automatically. If you want the homebase on a static IP, you may use IP Reservation on the front network device to assign a fixed IP to the HomeBase. The HomeBase’s MAC address is printed on the bottom label.

Will do, thank you for the info.

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I think yes, you can try to do that, but I think you will have to change your IP from a Dynamic to a Static one. I am speaking about router’s IP that is received. To perform these changes you will have to enter your router’s admin panel. To enter that panel you will have to enter your router’s IP address in your browser and to enter your username and password. After that you will have to change your IP to a Static one to be able to connect your Homebase. Frankly speaking, most of the people don’t know how to enter the administrator panel, for this person I have a perfect article login where are described all the possible combinations and possibilities how to access the setup panel


I got Eufycam 2 Pro with Homebase 2 connected to wifi !
I cannot manage to configure static IP adresse from my DHCP Server, using Mac Adress.
After thinking, I realized that the MAC displayed in Eufy App is for Ethernet, not Wifi.
So, I started to find WIFI MAC address, using an ARP request on my PC.
But after using this MAC Address, I still cannot get a static IP !!!

So, what’s wrong ?

Thank you !