Static during phone calls with Soundbuds Slim+

I just received my new Soundbuds Slim+, and while music sounds really good, call quality is quite poor. The person speaking to me sounds decent (though a little quiet), but on the other end, I sound awful. When I make a call with the earbuds, any time I speak there’s a very present and distracting buzz or static sound. Nearly drowns out my voice.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this or how I could troubleshoot? I’m connecting to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Thanks!

Try adjusting the volume on your phone itself for bluetooth. When I have my soundbuds surge connected for voice calls I have two separate volume controls, one on the phone for bluetooth and the one on the headphones. I can adjust either to suite my liking. Too much feedback and I turn down the earbuds, or vice versa as needed

If what @elmo41683 suggested doesn’t work. Try unpairing the connection. Then close all the apps on your phone and restart your phone. I’ve had this issue while trying to listening to music and voice calls. In my case its an issue with the Bluetooth connection on the phone side.

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@elmo41683 @Element321Thanks a lot for your response, truly appreciate it. @Mike_Keliher I am so sorry to know what happened with your headphones, could you please contact with your serial number and order number? We will cover an 18-month warranty regarding any quality issue related. Thanks.

You have two possibilities to adjust the volume.
Soundbuds and phone.
You should try different adjustments at both:
buds : high/slow level
phone : slow/high level

May be that helps.

Same distortions may show up with bt-speakers and tablet/phone/computer.