Startup sound

Is there any way to change the volume of the start-up and pairing sounds?

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Can you be more specific, some kind of Soundcore product?

I doubt there would be a way to change that

Unfortunately not @trombley60 well, not as far as speakers and headphones go!

Just don’t turn on the speaker when in a boat… the submarines might get nervous… lol

I dont know what device you are talking about, about but I would say no.

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SoundCore 2

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Thanks for clarifying.

I don’t think any of us are aware of any way to turn these down on any Soundcore product. Glad to be corrected though!

No, not possible, but you will get used to it after a while I am sure.

Hey @trombley60
I investigated this previously as i have the Boost 20w and was told there isn’t a way to turn off the “notification”

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Y’all can turn off the startup sound on the Boost 20w, just not permanently. To do this, you have to either tap or hold the minus button as you start up the speaker


Good find!

Wondering if similar on others?

could try that with others.
But I am too lazy to push the button.
So I am “braving” the startup sound! :smile:

I wonder if I’m the only one who like the start up sounds on my speakers lol

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Humans are weird, the greatest power they have - to ignore something they cannot change - they do it too little.

When we take over the planet we’ll correct it with the next gene resequencing.

Ooops, we are not meant to reveal our true identities (yet).