Starting Christmas off with a bang

Well it’s the weekend before Christmas and with lots of people out celebrating or finishing work for the festive period, my festivities started with a bang …

… unfortunately it wasn’t a good bang. My car has decided to have a festive break also by completely losing all drive.

So I wonder if it’s too late to add a gearbox to my Santa list :thinking::woozy_face::crossed_fingers:t2::santa:t2:

I know your pain buddy. I had to folk out for a new clutch and a few little odds and sods to get it back up and running again.

On the plus side at least my clutch gave up the goose on my driveway and not in the middle of the road somewhere!

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I managed to limp home before I completely lost all drive. Suppose I should look at it as Christmas miracle.


I don’t think a gearbox will be in those mystery boxes we are lurking for! :joy:


Yeah I don’t think so either :pensive:

Take a look at your fluid first, sometimes old fluid will block the solenoids from working properly and a fresh drain and fill will fix it


Yeah I’m gonna having someone look at it tomorrow. Unfortunately I know very little when it comes to car mechanics

I old days you could have done some repairs by yourself.
Once we swapped an engine of a VW Bully.

Today a fellow in suit and a laptop shows up.
Then he connects it to your car.
After some strange and weird inputs he suggest you to buy a new one! :joy:

Good luck!

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Well mechanic called today to take a look, although he wasn’t in a suit though he did hook it up to the tablet and said it looks like the egr valve is stuck open.

So he may return today to fix it, if not it will be Thursday. So thankfully it may not be a complete lost cause. Just gotta wait for the bill :grimacing:

What kind of car? Certain egr valves can be removed, sprayed with carb cleaner and cleaned with a toothbrush and reinstalled

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Vauxhall Insignia

He said it would be a couple of hours work and would be about £70 so that’s great news and I don’t think he is taking the arm outta me.

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Stucking valve, may be after cleaning it could be working again.
Depends on the type of car.

Are there still cars which are using old engines, without any electronic “rubbish”?

We run a Volkswagen since 15 years.
Not often used (subway here 3 minutes ago).
So we never had any severe problem.

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Yeah I’m hoping that solves the problem. It will be going for a service next month for MoT, maybe after that I might consider changing car.

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Oh no! Sorry to hear that! I hope the repairs aren’t too bad!

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On some new/we cars, if you DECELERATE too quickly (IE, coming off a motorway), the emu will kick in, and out you in limp mode. This is enough to get you home. It was designed to protect the gearbox. I think even a lot dropped it.

Not sure on how to reset. You can buy (from big autoparts) a “thingy” that plugs in your internal slot (drivers side, often by the fuses) used for getting n sorting chip issues.

You plug it in, and BT to your phone, and via a particular app, it’ll tell you what’s wrong, and what’s needed to fix.

Several versions around (I think AA sell one) on internet.

if you have HOMESTART etc, call them out tomorrow and explain what happened… They’ll prob plug their own “thingy” in.

This is what I meant… Loads to choose from …
Autel OBD2 Reader Diaglink, DIY Version of MD802 All System Diagnostic Tool for All Electronic Modules (Engine, Gearbox, ABS(under Scan), Airbag, and More), EPB, Oil Service Reset

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I feel it. Almost every Christmas something goes wrong…

This year we ended up having to get 2 acres graded to direct water from our neighbors farm away from house. That cost $$$ and then I had to visit an ortho about my knees. They are bad and they need therapy and possibly both knees need surgery.

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Hoping it’s an easy, inexpensive fix!

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The knees and the car😀

Speaking of ODB scanners if you pick one up don’t make the same mistake I made by getting a super cheap one on eBay the first one I got would overheat and stop communicating with the tablet running “Torque” I have mounted in my truck. Now everything works silky smooth.

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I know what that’s like. I have osteoarthritis in both my knees, plus the sciatica goes to my.knees also.

The knee specialist said, you’re not close enough to bone on bone, but you are in your way in a couple years or so. The worst bit, as I’m sure you’ll testify, is going up/down stairs… Fortunately I live in the 1st floor, and only do this once (each way) a day max, as i live in a flat (apartment).

Oh man this is such an easy fix for this car. Even though you don’t know what your doing you could easily save that money and fix it yourself. If you watch YouTube videos on how to clean the EGR valve you will see how easy it is, even more so if it’s just a simple bad vacuum line going to or from it and not the actual EGR valve itself

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