Star Wars | The Rise Of Skywalker

The Rise Of Skywalker is opening tonight. Is anyone going to watch it in theatres?

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I have Disney+… will wait whenever it comes there…


Watching at home is never the same as seeing it in theaters :wink:.

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I really want to see it! But I’m busy with holiday gatherings all weekend :weary:

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Aw man, that’s a huge disappointment. Hope you get to see it next week :+1:.

Don’t be too sad, I’ll send you a spoiler synopsis of the whole episode :rofl:

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But it does (and even better) when you have Nebula Capsule, Flare Mini Stereo Pair, Popcorn, Soda, lovely Home ambiance … no theater can give you the comfort that home can give … what say :wink:


the image only shows up 3/4… may be edit and put the full glory :smiley:


Maybe for you, but I prefer the theater for first viewing. I do enjoy rewatching the movies later on on my own TV.

Thanks for letting me know about the movie poster- I fixed it.


if its like a real nice movie which kids want like Frozen 2 - Yes… Star Wars … not so much…

Its personal preference… watching Home Vs Theater … I like it much more at home than outside… thats what we have projectors for :smiley:

:grimacing: I can’t imagine watching a cartoon in theaters. Even if I was a kid. The point of a theater is having an amazing cinematic experience that you can’t have at home. Cartoons aren’t very cinematic…

How old are your kids? I’m surprised they don’t like Star Wars :smiley:

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Smile on kids face means a lot! So sometime need to go theaters to watch these movies, they are 9 and 3 now, both like frozen and other animation movies… older one has started watching Disney+… might catch up to Star Wars soon :smiley:

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When I was 9 I had been watching Star Wars for years. The biggest smile on my face was when I heard they were making the phantom menace lol

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Spoiler free

So after watching the film I have very mixed feelings. It’s starts off with about 5 minutes that’s literally the trailer. A little interesting strategy.

Then 30 minutes of a sluggish start that will be confusing for non “fanboys”.

Then the rest of the movie feels very emotionless (other the Kylo REN). You don’t know the characters well enough yet. I blame this on Ryan Johnson. He basically didn’t like the force awakens, and tried to remake this movie. This essentially gives us a two part trilogy (if that makes sense). In addition to only really having two films, the rise of skywalker has to continue the storyline of two introductory films.

It makes the storyline very weird and bumpy. Everything almost feels thrown together.

Now as far as the pros, there are definitely some interesting aspects as far as the overarching Star Wars universe goes. I need to formulate more to decide how all of this fits in.

Without giving any spoilers, I’m just going to say that the main plot idea may very well be terrible as far as it fitting in with the rest of the universe. It also could add some interesting aspects to the universe. Again- I need to formulate to figure out how this all fits together.

I definitely need to rewatch the original 6 Star Wars films, particularly the prequel trilogy.

I also need to say that I love kylo rens character. As far as characters go, he is probably my favorite of all time (in Star Wars). And I mean as far as character development and placement goes. His character has a beautiful emotional arch through the whole trilogy. It’s perfect. (Of course Han Solo will always be my favorite overall).

How I have one question. How much did they have to pay Samuel L Jackson for that cameo :joy:

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Thanks for the review! I’m hoping I can see it after Christmas!

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Had anyone seen the movie yet?

Unpopular opinion but I dont like the star war movies

Yeah well, I don’t like you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Just kidding of course :wink:

Lol but I must admit that the new series, the mandalorian, looks interesting.

And also baby Yoda :rofl:

I watched it in 3d on the first night. Nice summary on spoiler free. I felt rushed on several parts and really felt the movie should have went another good hour and should have to really do the story justice. (I mean it is the end of a saga)

@TechnicallyWell have you had a chance to see the movie yet?