Stability of Roav Viva - Music keeps breaking up

Stability of Roav Viva - Music keeps breaking up :sweat:

Android phone with latest firmware/software on Samsung S8 n Roav

I am having “breaking ups” or what seems to be connectivity issues when using Roav. every 30s or so, my music service will break. unable to even finish a complete song. no matter what music service i use.

I tested it in my car which engine is on n stationary. same issue. mobile was also placed open n unblock.

If i ask for new flash, i believe due to the connectivity, alexa tends to repeat the news where it broke off all over again.

The time i remember it was gd was when i juz bought it.

Anyone having this issue? Is the common?

Thx guys.

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Sometimes is any apps in your phone may cause that problem. Try uninstall all apps, or reset factory, if the problem persist test yiu roav in other device.

@alextoh Please try a different phone or different network environment to see whether it make any difference? If the issue still remains, please contact us@

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does the music service pause and break up with other Bluetooth Speakers/headphones how about you plugin a AUX cable.

I have similar issues with my android phone (its an older device) but mine issue is a hardware issue. I would contact support. They can help figure whats going on.

My samsung s8 plays well thru bluetooth using spotify n iheartradio using the same phone n same network and when phone is placed at the same location. Tats how i tested it. High chance its connectivity with roav viva.

Hi element321. I m using the version wif no aux. When i got my unit. The 1st firmware upgrade was fine. Then then follow up firmware upgrade i realise the issue. I feel the software part is key to my issue.

Btw. Did u try to use the aux in the connect anything else? Like aux to usb - to power up google mini? :sweat_smile:

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Ya. When in doubt reboot reset reinstall :sweat_smile:

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I’ve had issues with speakers and earpbones. If I plug in an aux cable or use my old iphone 4 they work fine. I’m about to by a new galaxy note 9 or s9. We will see if it’s an android/anker issue or just my old phone acting up.

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