Spring Smiles | Share Your Story

Winter is finally over! The sun is shining, the flowers are starting to bloom—in short, spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere.

With a change in season often comes a lift in mood. Today’s topic of discussion is simple yet essential: what has made you smile recently?

Share something with us that has lifted your spirits and turned that frown upside down. There’s no contest or sale to announce in this post; this is all about making each other feel good by sharing the things that make us happy to be alive!

I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This story brings a smile to my face: a dog mom (who, sadly, lost her litter) adopts a baby possum (who, sadly, was abandoned by its mother)


What made me smile?

Normally we have to squirrels in the garden:
Two black ones.
These are always using the same way along the fence posts in front of
my “private bureau”.
Last week a red brown one showed up,
which I had never seen before.
BUT : Using the same way.
Some kind of miracle, spring miracle! :grin:


What has lifted my spirits???

Getting my new phone. May not seem a lot to some, but to me it’s a big deal… I spend months looking around, reading specs/reviews to see which one I’d go for for the next couple of years.

Fingers crossed for another health assessment in a week or so. Again a civil servant will decide how disabled I am, and what struggles I face… the assessment itself is with an ex nurse (never specialist in my conditions) but it is a civil servant who makes the actual decision.


Well, I just started my web development course yesterday, that certainly made me smile! :smile:


I can go outside without freezing, i’ll drop 5-10 lbs just from not sitting inside all day.


I had the biggest smile on my face yesterday as I got to hang out in the yard as my kids and all the neighbor kids played since it was 1) warm enough, 2) not storming, and 3) 0 MPH winds. I was in flip flops, shorts, and a shirt. Twas a marvelous evening. Now we’re back down to the 40s and it’s raining all day. At least I got a reprieve for a few hours! LOL!

Oh…and this had me cracking up. My girls (the ones in the pink) and one of the neighbors came up with a cheer last night called G.A.S. Below is the link if you’re curious about their G.A.S. cheer. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


This is adorable and definitely made me smile! That’s a possum though?



On Friday I went to a musical. Titanic: The Musical

It was really good. When you watch it you can’t help but be happy!

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Looks like it is a possum which is different from an opossum (just learned the difference now lol) Love the articles pictures between the two:




Unless you were on the boat :wink: :laughing:


Ahem. Yeah I guess :joy:. The end is sad, but until then it’s not :wink:. I guess I probably should have made that clear so I don’t sound like a psychopath :joy:

I’ve been trying to convince someone that they’re not the same thing for months :joy:. The person I’m trying to convince can’t see past the end of there nose :wink:

What else would it be? It looks like a possum to me…

Ah! I just figured it was a preference in the spelling. LOL! Now I feel a bit less intelligent. :blush: Thanks for the clarification. I think some opossums are pretty adorable, but not compared to the possum. I was thinking it was a bush baby or something.

See my comment above. :slight_smile:

So… am I missing something?

To keep things more organized I’m adding the link to this article to this comment :wink: @TheCharneco

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haha. Yeah. I didn’t know realize that there was a difference between a possum vs. opossum. So hopefully that made you smile. :wink:

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Sunshine. I miss it dearly during the winter months.

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Ha ha ha! I just laughed at the difference between a possum and opossum! That dude looks pissed!