Spot the Difference and Win PowerBucks!

Hey fans!

Do you remember the banner we used when we celebrated the community’s second birthday? Well, I do!

Original Banner

Except now, some things have been changed from the original picture we used on that day. Can you spot the differences?

New Banner

Right-click and save this picture, then use your favorite editing software to circle the changes that have been made. When you’re done, put the new image in this Google form. If you successfully identify all the differences, you’ll be entered to win 100 PowerBucks.

Make sure to submit your answer by May 22nd, 2019. Winners will be announced on May 23rd!

Power On!

Winner Announcement

Thank you all for participating in this mini-game and I’m sure you all had some fun in searching for the differences. Now it is the time to reveal the answer! Check out the banner below to see if you found them all.

The lucky community member who has found all the differences is @star100x! The 100 PowerBucks will be added to your account within 3 days. Congratulations!

Stay tuned for more fun activities on the community!


This might be a nice task for member’s kids! :grin:


True, I will take my daughter’s help for this.


This will be a fun why to burn some time later :smiley:

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:grin: good luck everyone!


I’m unable to access the Google Form…


Can we be told the total number we should be looking for?

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I love this event… Need PBs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:… Will explore later in the day. Will need these images on two Large monitors to spot the difference :mag_right::joy:

lol will take off and do it there lol

Thank you so much :+1::blush:

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C’mon guys, don’t spoil the game… let’s have some fun :grin:

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@AnkerOfficial please include in rules for no spoilers in comments :smile:

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I’ve loved these games since I was a kid with my Highlights magazines. lol!

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@AnkerOfficial The google form says its no longer taking entries, please fix this so we can enter


I got that message, too.

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Good luck everyone! :four_leaf_clover:

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I had the same inconvenience :pensive:

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nice idea just waiting for the form to get fixed

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I get the same error.