Spirt wireless earphones low battery noise

My partner likes to fall asleep listening to podcasts and the last couple of nights has been woken up by a loud alarm/noise on her spirit earphones that only stops when plugged in to charge. Is this a low battery alarm and is there any way to switch it off? Thanks

Hi @Tim_Fassam , if it is a dull beeping tone then yes it’s the low battery warning noise, which is not able to be disabled as it’s per design.

Thanks for the help - guess they’re going to have to go back!

You can always switch to the spirit pro which offers a 10 hour battery life or get the spirit x which has a 12 hour battery life

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Yes, low battery alarm on earphone/headphone that you cannot shut off is plain stupid. A red blinking LED is sufficient to alert.

When my spirit sport, shut down. The other day, they didn’t make a noise… Well not over the music…

I was busy listening to music… Then I wasn’t.
I did tho get a notification on m phone (Galaxy S8) when power was at 10%