Spirit X won't turn on (SOLVED)

Hey everyone, I am having issues with my Spirit X earbuds that I got as part of the SweatGuard contest. My first pair were dead on arrival, and now the second pair I have now was working fine a few days ago when I first got them. Now today I went to use them and they wouldn’t power on. I had them charging and the LED hasn’t changed to blue yet for a couple of hours. I have tried repeatedly to power them on, but no luck. I’m really confused as I honestly have no idea what I did to them because I used them as normal, and when not in use they are in their protective case. I have been using the standard charging cable that it came with. Plus I’ve also switched the wall wart that I’ve used and they’re both 5V units. Any ideas guys?

Try changing the cable you are using to charge them.
Also, they will not power on if plugged in so make sure you unplug them before trying to turn them on. When you do turn them on press and hold down the power button until you hear the power on tone

Yeah just like before I’ve done that and yet again no change.

Being 5V is nice, by ensure that the charger is able to supply the recommended current. The Spirit X is rated for 0.5 Amps, so anything that is fixed with more can push too much at once into the earbuds. Your best bet is to use a computer usb port if you do not have a 0.5 Amp charger, since they typically max out at half an amp.

Turns out I’m an idiot, and grabbed the faulty pair today. I just found the replacement pair in my office. Sorry for the false alarm, and boy do I feel foolish. -facepalms-

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:joy: glad you got it figured out.

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Lol toss the faulty ones away.