Spirit X Wireless Earphones A3453011 pair on laptop Windows 10

My new Spirit X Wireless Earphones A3453011 works correctly on my IPHONE (very good).
But on my LAPTOP Windows 10 doesn’t work:

  • pairing is ok on Bluetooth,
  • I can ear only sound (using Firefox or other browsers)
  • but during calls (using Microsoft TEAMS, ZOOM, SKYPE4Business, and so on) I cannot hear anything and my colleagues (my microphone seems not working) doesn’t hear my voice.
    On other side with IPHONE smartphone all is working correctly.
    Can you help me?
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There are always problems reported using WIN10.
First step is to delete the default bt driver given by MS and change it for the release of the manufacturer off the bt card.
And you should take a look what kind of bt protocol is used after pairing.
May be its the wrong one and must be changed.

Same here. Have a Spirit X that I’m testing and I’ve had problems on my Windows 10 laptop. Wanted ti check with other laptops in my home to make sure it isn’t just mine. No sound during calls (Bluejeans) no matter what I set my earbuds on (Handsfree AG or whatever and headset if I’m not wrong). The sound also seem to dip in volume at times as if earbuds are losing connection. Will update my answer and this thread some time during the day today