Spirit X Problem

Hi, I have a major problem with the spirit x. the right side isn’t working, kind of. I have to position the cable in a certain way to make that side work. With that out of the way, is there any way to fix it without getting a replacement because this will be the 3RD! replacement. I’m kind of frustrated with this because the same problem occurred on my previous replacement.

Either you’re doing something wrong … .damage or settings, or just a very unlucky person.

The thousands that have been sent out, and you get all the ones that don’t work???

Either the cable is getting damaged by something… Bending to fit into small space and pulled out of small space, will and can damage the cable, trapped by closing something, kept bent then used after a while… All can cause damage to connections or wire.

Alternatively, dirt in the earphone

It settings, like balance.

Do other earphones have the same problem on the same devices?

Make sure you are using the travel pouch to protect your earphones when you not wear it. My last pair got the same problem like yours, I usually put it in my pocket casually and pull out like wool ball. The cables are always the most fragile part.:face_with_thermometer:

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sorry to hear that.
I actually washed my old pair a couple of times and my only issue in the last few months has been battery, which I beefy charge reset and they are working fine now.

Maybe keep an eye out for the Spirit 2’s and X2s that are supposed to be out soon. I know I’m looking for them.

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One side not working and bending a cable just right to function is a cable break. There is not an easy way to resolve this short of stripping out the broken section and splicing in a new one. This would be a rather involved undertaking and result in a large section of “ugly”. That said, if it happens a lot i would suggest looking at how you handle your device (how its stored, how you move with it, etc.). It may be a better option to look into a truly wireless system as you could just be hard on your devices. Hope this helps.

yeah, I just realized that. I dont really use my carrying case because it stands out when I put it in my pocket.

thanks, I guess I have to email technical support

it was me, I should of used the carrying case instead of putting it into my pocket

First post on here… So hello.
Also the same problem with my Spirit X, support just sending out a new pair.
Admittedly do usually stick them in jacket pocket.

Perfect for sport use though, they’ve seen me through some tough night times on 100+ miles runs.

Hi all,

A good place to bring this up would be oon the new soundcore collective. Go here to sign up!


Another forum already? Anker only just popped up and suggested this one.:see_no_evil:.

Bit of an own goal

Not to be rude to the “it’s your fault people” but also to be very rude, screw you.

A pair of headphones shouldn’t break because you put them in your pocket. People have been putting their headphones in their pockets for years with no issue, not to mention the marketing for this product in particular is that its sporty and can stand up to life. I have seen the free EarPods that come with iProducts that have had the outer case half off exposing the wires that still functioned perfectly fine.

This is first and foremost a design issue. Be it from low quality and/or thin cables, a bad solder job, lack of reinforce or a bunch of other possible issues.