Spirit X no audio on headset with Windows 10

I bought the Spirit X mostly to use with my Windows 10 laptop. I can get audio from them when the output is set to headphones. But the problem with that I get no audio when I am using them as a headset. This is a problem since I do need to used them with conference calls.

I have forgotten and paired the device again and I have installed new bluetooth drives on the laptop. Nothing seems to be working for the headset functionality.

@dpawlak On windows 10, spirit X pairs and gets added as Headphones and Headset. Make sure to choose the audio output device as Headset.

You need to change the default audio output on your PC to ‘Bluetooth Headset’.

  1. Close all media applications currently running on your PC (such as Windows Media Player).
  2. Open ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Sounds and Audio Devices’ > ‘Audio’.
  3. Change the default output device to ‘Soundcore Spirit X Bluetooth Headset’ in Sound playback.

Try this and let us know. Also you may use third party app to control output audio using EarTrumpet on Windows 10.

Also write to Soundcore support service@soundcore.com

Let us know if this helps, best of luck!

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Hi, I’m having the same issue and the recommended resolution even witht he Third Party App, EarTrumpet, didn’t work for me. Wondering if there’s any other workaround?