Spirit x crackle

I put.my spirit X on this morning, and I’m getting a crackle in.my ear along with the music.

At first I thought it was something on the bus, but after getting.off the bus, it continues.

I’ve changed the sound ms settings incase that was it, as I had it on bass EQ. I reduced bass and pre-amp settings, and I’m still getting it everytime theres a little bass… Treble doesn’t seem to set it off.

Have you ever listened to hardxore with no bass?

It was fine when I tested them.aftern they arrived.

with my mental health, it’s driving.me nuts! lol

Might be time to get it RMA’d

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now let’s have that in non jargon please¡¡¡ :exploding_head:

This is only the second time I’ve turned them on since receiving them. Plus not like they old stock

I gave my spare set to my stepdaughter, so she can use while in the car… Then won’t disturb granddaughter if she is asleep :zzz::zzz::zzz:

My sound buds surge did this before the right side just crapped out entirely. But i was the first time i had to warranty an item from Anker. According to Anker support it was a short inside the right earbud, but that was due to sweat and the ones you have should not experience this because of the nano coating. but, you never know as anything is possible


Yep, from the description it sounds like a fault with them on the edge of failing. Drop support@anker.com or service@soundcore.com an email with what has happened and any troubleshooting steps taken…

RMA = Return merchandise authorization. Basically saying send it to Anker for repair.

It seems that you have reached out to our customer service, which is a smart choice. :thumbsup: I’m sure they will take good care of your Spirit X. :relaxed:

Yes, a just need to photograph the earphones (as not sure where the charge lead is, as I put it away to use one always plugged in).

All I need now, is Rosa to reply! lol

I had the same issue with my spirit X. It would crackle regularly and the controller would get noticeably hot when that happened.
The headphones stopped powering on after few weeks!

Have you contacted the Soundcore support team?

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Try contacting soundcore support. They are excellent and will help you solve your problem. You can also chat with them on soundcore website, its a little chat icon on the bottom right.

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If you can, change your source type in Bluetooth settings.