Spirit headphones

That sound, OMG!

I got home from visiting my fiancée in Hospital yesterday. Due to the journey back n forth, I took my AKG headphones that came wih my Samsung Galaxy S8. They’re the best headphones I’d ever had… UNTIL YESTERDAY

I opened my well packaged BT headphones (headphones in one box, and all the accessories n manual etc in the 2nd box).

They look amazing, and because of the quality materials, they ain’t plastic lightweight rubbish, they’re well built.

A feature (which I didn’t know before hand) it has them magnetic heads, so they hang nicely when not being used. They also have these lil plastic button things… Basically, they take up the slack in the cable so it ain’t sticking to your neck n pulling.

I tried the headphones immediately, as was a nice end to a shitty day.

I’ve just bought a new album too, so having been listening to it.

I turned on the headset (press n hold the PLAY button) and straight away the PAIRING light flashes (as it was their first use) turned on my phone’s by, and seconds later was paired.

I personally got on with the set up on the headset (ear molds n wings ( a good selection in the accessories box of both, plus 2 of them button things)).

Played my new tunes… I’M IN H E A V E N :laughing:
that sound, that tone, AMAZING. bass can really thump, and highs are crystal clear.

The headset is soo comfy. Even though they’re not lightweight plastic crap, they don’t feel heavy in the ear.

All I can say is… Buy buy BUY
you won’t be disappointed… Honest

Not done the stats, am sure loads will do that, to me… Sound n tone are king. These are some very royal headphones!

The velvetine pouch, you gently squeeze the top bit to open.

My fave bit of the magnetic heads

Fit so easily and comfy

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Soundcore-Earphones-Bluetooth-SweatGuard-Technology/dp/B07BHHB5RH


Thanks for the review… glad you’re enjoying them!

Thanks for sharing your experience. :slight_smile: Do you have pics of your headset?

Sounds very promising. Excellent review and thank you for the honesty.

Photos now added

Great review, thanks for sharing! And I hope everything is ok with your fiancé!

Good review and pics @amangons :thumbsup:

All I can say is… Buy buy BUY!:laughing:
This is the first time I heard you like this headset so much, I hope your fiancee will get better soon.


Great review, and some good pics. They sure do look comfy.

I too did not realize they had the magnetic heads. Can you measure the cord from earbud to earbud for me please? Due to my neck size I wonder would the magnetic feature even work for me

I am a 20 inch neck, and they fit fine. Although I did remove the plastic button thing, so it’s at max length.

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Yes, within 2 mins of removing my AKG, and inserting these, the sound was far far superior. Before trying, I didn’t know I liked them so much.

Guess what I’ll be wearing up to the hospital today? lol

My fiancée is hopefully moving from intensive care, to a regular ward today. She has rhumatoid arthritis, which majorly affect her immunity, so even tho we BOTH had a Strep A throat, it caused her body to shut down.

She still has muscle weakness but otherwise improving and doesn’t need ICU anymore, which is great.

Hopefully won’t be in for more than 2 weeks now.


We wish your fiance a fast recovery, as for you as well take care of yourself my friend.
It’s good to know these will still work for me given the size of your neck and mine. Hopefully I can get a pair to try and compare them to the spirit x I just reviewed.

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As far as I know (or just think!) They’re the same, apart from the ear wings n hooks

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Excellent review. Headphone looks great.

Good review and pics @amangons :clap:t2:

Looking forward to testing these myself (as they have just arrived) :raised_hands:t2:

Im gonna test the ipx7 rating and wear them in the shower :grimacing::joy:
Might regret that decision but I feel like it has to be done :slight_smile:

Good to hear that your fiancé is outta ICU and getting better.


Photos NOT required! Hahahahaha :man::headphones::shower:

Thank you, it’s gonna be a long journey, but least she out of the danger zone.

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Lol yeah too many reflective surfaces :joy:

Photos MUST required! Hahahahaha :man::headphones::shower: