Spirit 2's Available to Order on Amazon!

Looks like the Spirit 2’s are almost ready to ship https://amzn.to/2mbs1JQ

Amazon shows them 1-3 months but we know how that can change. They look good. A few buck more than the last one, and keeping me excited for when the X2’s are available.

A shame how angry, thumping base makes this guy


I always like a large amount of bass when I’m working out, the spirit x do great for me, but I may give them away and get these.


Any idea when they will be available in .de/.fr ?

I’m thinking the same thing. I do like the over the ear hooks on the X but with the inner ear hooks they should stay in.


That is exactly what I was thinking.


YEAH, these look REALLY good. I MIGHT not wait.

Anyone know if the X2s will be available in various colors? or just regular black?

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I’m no sure. I had there’s talk about making more color options but I’m not sure what models those color options might be.

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thanks for posting!

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No worries, saw someone post it inside an older thread and remembering the level of interest I figured why not give it more visibility