Spirit 2 - Shutdown in cold weather?

I ordered and got the Soundcore Spirit 2 earbuds from Amazon earlier in the month, and they are pretty good.

However, I took these out with me yesterday for a walk in 25 degrees Fahrenheit weather here in Colorado, and today while out shoveling snow.

These earbuds shutdown, as in power off without the tone, in about 10 minutes after being outside.

I had previous Anker headphones and these worked well in pretty much any condition I threw at it, and with these new ones I was looking forward to using them on walks, snowshoeing, skiing, or basically any other outdoor activity, in weather that might dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

If these are going to shutdown on me they are pretty much worthless in colder climates.

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Huh, thats really something totally new!
Normally those should work, this is about -3 Celsius.
You should repeat that kind of testing.
If there is still such an issue contact the support!

Yea tested it by sitting at my desk and it works fine. However, right now it’s 13˚ (-11˚ Celsius), and walked around the block. Didn’t get 10 minutes out when it shut down, and would not start up until I got back inside.

I’ll contact support

Make sure they are fully charged first and foremost, mainly because anytime lithium batteries are exposed to extreme cold temps their capacity is severely diminished.

Damn that’s cold. It’s only 66° where I’m at :grin: