Speaker Volume on Eufycam E

Is there any way to increase the speaker volume on the Eufycam E?


The only volume control possible right now would be for the alarm on the HomeBase. It would be a nice feature request, but you also don’t want to amplify the volume too much otherwise you’ll get some pretty nasty distortion.

You could try using a headset / microphone plugged into your phone and speaking over that. It may have better quality vs your phone microphone which could give better output on the camera.

Hello!@munchkin We’re sincerely sorry that at the current stage, it is not available to adjust the speaker volume manually in the App or device itself. The volume of live feed will come with the smartphone’s volume. We will try our best to forward your concern to our engineer team and hope they can further consider its availability in the future product improvement plan. Again sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused and thanks so much for your valuable time!

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