Speaker requirement

How often do you guys use speakers? And if so, what brand? Also do you have a need for big sound or are you okay with average sound? I am not sure if I should buy a PowerCore XL or not.

when my mums out of the house, i use my Sony GTK-N1BT. this is heavy duty, loud af stuff. amazingly loud, but too bass heavy which disrupts everyone, so only when shes out.

my other speaker is the anker A3143. i also use this when shes out and i wanna hear the music, its my primary speaker. its really powerful and the quality is amazing. battery lasts a very long time too - i would absolutely recommend this speaker to anyone

When I need big, loud, superior sound I hook up to my Bose. When I’m looking for portable sound or background music in the yard, at the beach or on vacation I bring along my Anker SoundCore. For a tiny little package (2"x2"x6"), it has very good sound. I’ve not used the “SoundCore XL” myself and admit that I’m not familiar with how much larger that is then the regular SoundCore. I suspect you would get a bit more volume, probably a bit more bass and likely longer battery life.

I love my Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0. I grabbed it for $25 on sale (normally $80) right before it was discontinued. I use it daily, mainly in the shower. It gets nice and out so I can hear it over the water. I love it, and I can’t imagine not having it!

i have portable MP 141 from anker and usually play it in morning while doing chores for better voice rather than to listen over cellphone’s speaker. It gives pleasure to listen to that sound even at 20-30% of volume.
Although when I am outdoors I blow it up to full volume and its great for bonfires and backyard parties.