Spare parts for Vortex

Hi guys,someone can help me? I need buy a spare part for my Soundcore Vortex because I broke the plastic arc just like I show in red on image below…

Thx :pray:

If you email SoundCore’s support at they may be able to help you. :slight_smile: Here is some more useful information on how to reach them. :slight_smile: Good luck.


It has 18 months warranty. Anker may be able to help.
Send an email to

Hi Plaza Rich,

Did you get it fixed? because I am facing the same issue and its a product flaw that’s why it’s cracking from the same position and now Its appearing also on another side too.

Please update me and check attached photos

From where I can get the new overhead bend.

Please update me

is there metal inside headband? is it intact.
I have modded a Grado SR80i with a nice leather headband and if there is a metal headband beneath the plastic it may be possible to just replace the whole top part with a leather headband.

The first thing I would do: try to unmount.
I dont know how, but should be possible.
I suppose there is another headband inside.
If this is OK there should be something to be found for replacement.
As kumar mentioned a leatherband would be great.
Even better looking than the plastic! :grinning:

There is no any metal inside the band because it already lose the entire grip and its mean only plastic band is making grip, while wearing that crack become thicker, I dont know why they dont have spare parts store from where we can request and get genuine part, I am scared for opening this because I barely used this headphone and I want it perfect.

Kumar can you please show you headphone how it becomes. I already contact soundcore, Anker & the website from where I purchased but nobody is helping.

Now I am thinking It would be best if I purchased Beats or Sony may be they might not have this kind of issues.

Hi, I have the exact same problem. These headphones are designed to fail that way.

I am looking for replacements but it is not an option at least in my research.

I’m facing with the same problem, too.
First, band was loosen.
Than, many cracks appeared on it.
I’m hoping Anker will address this issue.

Too much bending, other “tortures” or heavy exposure to sunlight?
Ar the headphones under warranty?

Is slightly bending headphone while puting on and taking off from my head, yes you are right. But the expectation is headphone should be handle that kind of bending.

Also I’m using device at the indoor.

Write to soundcore support.

Same thing happened to mine too. I’ve had mine for several years before they cracked. I don’t care about looks though. I just mixed up some plastic epoxy and layered it over the break then wrapped some black electric tape tight around it. The epoxy hardened with the tape and now it’s a solid strong mass. Headphones still work great. Battery doesn’t last nearly as long now. I might get 12 hours out if them. But that’s age.

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Such DIY solutions are always the best, but the have to work.
Your’s did! :grin:

Those plastic crackings are often caused by “material fatigue”
(Don’t know the English expression)
Plastics are losing their flexibility and getting brittle.
But it really depends on the quality of the plastic.

I have to get to bed earlier too! :joy: