Spare parts for Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty Air 2 Pro


I am a big fan of your in-ear headphones and have now bought the brand new Liberty Air 2 Pro in addition to the Liberty 2 Pro. I am equally thrilled with the sound quality of both headphones! There is no competition in this price range in my opinion.

Only one thing worries me:

Depending on age and use, it is only normal that the earwings or earplugs made of silicone once broken; clearly, there are many different sizes included in the package, only a change is of no use if, for example, aussclieĂźlich the size M fits in the ear and just these attachments would all be broken. The battery in the charging case can also be defective. A section for spare parts I cannot find on the homepage of Soundcore / Anker.

Therefore my question:

Where can I get spare parts in case of need? Especially the earwings of the Liberty 2 Pro are specially adapted to the headphones. Having to buy new headphones for up to 130 EUR/USD just because silicone tips worth a few cents are missing would be out of the question for me, especially against the background of environmental protection (keyword: electronic waste) and would certainly influence my future purchase decisions. For example, Apple’s AirPods Pro are significantly more expensive, but you can reorder the original silicone tips directly from Apple in an emergency, albeit at significantly inflated “Apple prices”, and you do not have to dispose of your headphones right away.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Many greetings


You had a thread on this on soundcore as well, right.

You will most likely not get too many comments over here as well. Most folks taking here also visit the soundcore community as well.

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Thanks for the tip. I actually wanted to open the thread in the forum of Soundcore and then somehow ended up here. After I realized my mistake, I then opened the thread in the correct forum. Unfortunately I can’t delete it here because I don’t have the permissions. Maybe a moderator could do this please? It is not my intention to spam the forums.

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Dont mind at all my “Sportfreud”.
You may get answers here and as Duane metioned at soundcore’s forum as well.
There is nothing to care about.

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Double stitches hold better! :rofl:

Hope we will you see here more often!

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