Space X - Journey to the Red Planet

Just after watching the launch on Facebook and you gotta hand it to Elon Musk and all the other people working at Space X they certainly know what the are doing (after the initial hiccups).

Elon’s car is already on it’s way to the red planet playing David Bowie’s Space Oddity, and with future planned manned missions to Mars set for 2030’s - is there anyone here that would sign up for a round trip?

Or do you believe it’s all nonsense and the world is flat?


If the earth is round how come everything is flat? :sunglasses: But seriously Space X is doing some cool things, but I don’t see a future in commercial space travel, but hey I can be wrong.

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Was watching a video of the car as it passed Earth on its travels and it looks soooo fake :joy:

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Why is the water not flung off if we are spinning so fast?

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Gravity my friend…but seriously I would love to go to space some day. Just hope it can happen in this lifetime

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Live feed

I would absolutely love to go to space, but I think that it will be decades and decades before it becomes something that the average citizen can participate in. Just look at every new mode of transportation: we were sailing across the atlantic for centuries before taking a cruise liner across became commonplace. The first plane flight was in 1903, and airlines didn’t become a common, viable transportation option for decades after that. If we see the successful privatization of spaceflight (either through SpaceX or another company), I think it’ll still be quite some time before regular folks like us get the chance to see the curvature of the earth.


HELL YES I WOULD GO!!! :grinning::grinning: :scream: :raised_hands:

Lol I know that, but it’s another one of those flat earth questions people ask.

Talk about a nerd realizing his dreams, right?

At the same time, I can’t stop wondering if the fuel emissions from all the SpaceX tests haven’t already covered all the fuel emissions not thrusted in the air by Tesla cars…

Do you believe there are aliens?:grinning:

There just has to be. It would be a ridiculous waste of space if we are alone. Besides, if we are truly alone, whats the point of pushing ourselves to explore the universe, we would be the center lol.

I’m with @Monk3e on that one. They may not be the stereotypical :alien: greys but to think we are the only living organisms in the entire universe to me seems crazy.

I remember being told in school about how the universe was constantly expanding, so I asked into what and my physics teacher saying “nothing”. I still can’t grasp that whole idea that there is no end :crazy_face:(until it starts to collapse in again and we start all over again)

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it would be fun if alien intercepted this car when they passby or something :smiley:

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really cool to watch the launch even if it’s on news media/youtube.

Elon does. I mean there is a reason why they printed on a circuit board “printed on planet earth”

So funny!:laughing::laughing: