Space View Monitor Extra Camera


When will the extra camera be available for the SpaceView monitor? Your company most recently answered a question on October 30 on the Amazon product page saying the second camera will be releases soon. I purchased the monitor and the user manual even has directions for adding a more cameras. The camera itself has been approved by the FCC along with the parent unit, so I’m surprised it isn’t easier for you to make it available for purchase.


I would paste this verbatim into an email to Cheers!

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I actually, did, twice, but only got a “sorry we’re not selling it now, we’ll keep you up to date”, with no real explanation. It seems like a really easy process to sell the second camera based on the FCC approvals.

Items pass through FCC all the time, that doesnt mean the manufacturing is ready or complete or even if the item will see light of day. Although we know this one is coming, it’s just a matter of when

I would presume that the manufacturing is ready and complete, since they already ship a camera with the parent monitor. All it would take is just selling the already manufactured camera separate from the monitor. The camera even has its own part number separate from the monitor. It would be silly to create and register a second part number for a camera to sell by itself.