Soundsync unable to connect via Bluetooth

I have just bought a SoundSync Drive and successfully set it up in my car. I was easily able to connect it via Bluetooth via iPhone. I was able to play music and make calls over it. I then disconnected and successfully connected it to my wife’s iPhone. So far so good…

When I tried to play music via my wife’s iPhone and I was completely unable to reconnect. Same with my phone. I tried removing it from the power & aux connections, rebooting every device (including the car!) and it completely refuses to connect. Nothing works.

I’ve run out of ideas…anyone else got any?!


Try forgetting the device from your Bluetooth connection and reconnect it. Do this for both devices, but when you want to switch devices make sure Bluetooth is turned off on the device you do Not want to use


Fantastic…now why didn’t I think of that! Problem solved - thanks!

Glad it worked out for you

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Try to delete it from the list of the phones

Thanks - I’ll do that as well.

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I am unable to connect to my iPhone. The Bluetooth doesn’t not show up AT ALL. Please help, I really don’t want to return this product.

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I had the exact same thing happen to me. I just purchased this crap and it is not even showing up on my iphone. It has the flashing blue/red lights but nothing is showing up.

same thing. I purchased less than 5 min ago and its not showing up on my bluetooth options for my iphone