SoundSync Drive

I’ve recently bought an Anker SoundSync Drive and I’m not happy at all. I can’t understand why I just can’t set it to stay always ON. EVERY time I turn on the car, I need to turn on also the SoundSync Drive. It has no sense.

Is there any way to set the default power status, to be ON? Why I would want to turn it off? As soon as the device is plug in, I think it should always be ON if it has power.

Please, release a firmware update or something to fix this super basic option! I’ve already regretted to bought it.

its been a common complaint


I know it’s not ideal for some people, but you could always wire your cigarette/power port to always be on bypassing the starting of your car. This way when you crank your car the port never loses power and thus the sound sync should turn on and remain on at all times unless you turn it off

Wouldn’t it drain your car battery tho? Just curious

I have my car set up this way with 1 port always powered on. The powerdraw is so small that unless you left your car alone for days without starting it then yes it could cause low battery, but if you start and drive your car everyday then no.
I have my subwoofer amp always powered on and my battery did not get low even after not driving or starting the car for almost 2 weeks

Why would you keep your amp always on. Wouldn’t you want the blue remote wire from amp to deck so when the deck powers off the amp shuts off too?

I have my reasons :wink:

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Good answer lol!

I agree that this is a problem IMO.

does anyone use a solar to keep a vehicle battery charged through long periods of inactivity like a winter car stored outside all summer?

I know some people who do, but I never have because it snows here so it wouldn’t work all that well in the winter

@lfurfaro Thank you for your question and sorry for the problem you have with the SoundSync. Please be advised that we are unable to make the SoundSync on all the time as it will drain the battery. We totally understand that you need the auto power on version. We do have this version previously. However, it turns out not work on many old cars. To make it more reliable, we change it to the manual control version (hold the middle of the button to power it on/off). Therefore, we have no auto power on version available now.

If the SoundSync doesn’t work for you, could you please contact us via We are happy to help you with the return. Thanks

Same issue here , I purchased it because it was auto on , pressing the button is a pain because sometimes I don’t notice until I’m driving and I have to take my eyes off the road to turn it on. Safety issue there.