SoundSync Drive - Need to unplug/replug for it to turn on. Normal?


I just got your soundsync drive. I paired it with my iphone 6s.
Now when i turn the car ignition off, power to the cigarette lighter plug goes off too, so does the soundsync. thats ok
When I turn my ignition on, power to the cigarette lighter returns but the soundsync stays off.
I have to unplug and replug the cigarette USB plug, then the soundsync turns on and only then.
I have tried to press various buttons on the soundsync, but nothing happens.

Is that expected behavior ?


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@christian.busch Thank you for your questions and sorry for all the inconvenience it caused to you. As we know, there is no internal battery for the SoundSync. The power is from the car or car charger. For some cars, when we turn the car ON, the SoundSync will power on at the same time. However, when we start the engine, the power shut off for a very short time. It shuts the SoundSync off and the SoundSync will not auto power on again. We added this note on our Amazon listing page and we will try our best to improve our products.

So does this mean the product will simply not work with cars that do this on ignition? Has anyone worked out any workarounds?

I have experimented with plugging a rechargeable battery in to the car socket, and the SoundSync in to battery, with the same problem. Can I get any further assistance with this?

My car is a 2010 Honda Civic

I don’t own the Soundsync, and only know what is written above. Suggestion: You’ll need a passive pass-thru battery, Anker does not make, which will power the Sound Sync regardless of what power is coming or not from the vehicle. You’d still need the pass-thru battery to recharge without itself needing to be replugged.

Pass-thru batteries are more expensive and so tend to be smaller capacity.

Anker’s older batteries had pass-thru but it aged them so Anker removed it in newer version.

Thank you for your reply, sounds like a more expensive option than buying a different product that has a battery built in then.
SoundSync in the bin!

@luke_champion Sorry for all the inconvenience it caused to you. To make the SoundSync more reliable, we changed it to manual control version. Which means we can hold the middle button (MFB button) to power it on/off. Could you please contact us via We are happy to help you with the exchange if you want to have a try. Thanks

It would be great to auto power on with ingition like other car BT devices do. I hope that you will fix it, powering ON everytime is annoying and pressing button to power on is not solution - it is BETA solution… Please do something