SoundSync Drive estimated power consumption level?

Unfortunately my 5V socket in my car is always on if something’s plugged into it, meaning unless I disconnect/reconnect every time I enter/exit the car my SoundSync Drive will be drawing from the battery. Obviously I have concerns it might flatten it, if it’s left too long. I’d like to have an idea how much power would an idling SoundSync draw?. I’m pretty ignorant about electricity - I’m curious if being powered off (whether by itself after being disconnected/idle for a set amount of time, or manually by using an intermediate switch ) would help? Or whether the 5V adapter to USB that powers my SoundSync (which remains lit up) would continue drawing the same amount of power regardless? It goes without saying I’m not confident enough to mess about with the wiring to my 5V to potentially change this flaw.

Thanks for your help.

Others have had an always active socket and it will drain a battery flat if left plugged in overnight. With that said others have said they just unplug it when in the car, I myself wired my socket to a switch so I can just flip a switch instead of always unplugging my devices.

I have had my soundsync drive for a long time now, and my car is similar to yours where the charging socket is always on basically. But, I would assume is only drawing power when something is plugged in to it and it is on. When the soundsync is off, I would assume that it is drawing next to nothing in terms of power consumption.