SoundSync Drive buzzing solution

Just picked up a SoundSync Drive and noticed (as mentioned in more than a few Amazon reviews) that there is a slight “buzz” when connected to the Aux port and the USB charger in the 12v socket of the car. The recommended solution was to get a ground loop isolater for the connection to the Aux port ($15-25 from Amazon) but I thought I’d try something I had on hand first. I took my 3000 mAh power bank and connected it to the USB side of the SoundSync Drive. Problem gone. Just ordered a USB switch cable ($2.95) to be able to turn off the power to the SoundSync Drive when I’m out of the car, so as not to drain the battery (helps with re-establishing Bluetooth signal as well). Interested to hear if this works for others. Thanks,

The best solution is to turn off the car stereo when not using the thing. This problem is present in all similar products, because they all come from the same supplier on Alibaba