Soundsync Bluetooth Transmitter Wont Pair

I have a transmitter model number A8327 that will no longer pair. It has been working fine up until now. I have tried 3 different devices to pair it with and nothing will connect. The User manual does not provide any guidance. Are there any suggestion to fix this?


I have a brand new Soundsync Bluetooth Transmitter A8327 that will not pair with my iPhone nor my desktop computer. Its name is not visible at all in the unconnected devices. The red and blue LEDs are flashing as described in the manual, but no luck. Any insights into this much appreciated.

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Hi Todd,

i just purchased this unit and it does the same thing.
6 phones 2 laptops 4 tablets can’t see it at all.

did you ever find a solution.

i guess i’ll have to take it back to best buy.

what a pain in the ass.


So if you hold down the pairing button for longer than 10 seconds it will reset And you can pair your device again. Took me 3 days of trying to get a hold of someone to find out something that should have been out in the manual.

I just bought this useless device for 40$ and it doesn’t even work out of the box. I charged it, I reset it, and I tried on different devices and nothing. It wont even show up as discoverable on any device just flashes it’s red and blue lights. Waste of money

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I just got the SoundSync Blueetooth Transmitter but is not work I can’t pair with any device. I don’t see in any device the bluetooth

Mine does not connect to multiple devices. Is it just the A8327 that are defective? Has anyone had luck with the A3352?

You guys need to get a refund then

I am having the same problem. Brand new out of the box and does not appear on any of my devices. Blinks red and blue but utterly useless.

Did you try holding down the button for longer than 10 seconds? That’s what got mine working

Even though the product is new, it seems like you should do a reset just to get it working right

A3341 Same issue about it worked out of the box and not does not. I tried the instructions in the manual. @andrea6, i’ve held it for 10, should I hold it for longer? The lights turn green then back to blue about the 10 sec mark; but no connection to my Soundbar; like it used to.

Did you try this: With the unit off, place in RXmode. Turn on. Then turn off. Place in TX mode and turn it back on. Mine synced up immediately to my Soundbar. Previous attempts based on the manual did not work.

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Yay! I, too, was going nuts. The suggestion that worked for me was the 9/29 one, turning RX on and off before going to TX.

I had this issue yesterday with the Anker PowerConf S500 and the included Anker SoundSync A3303 USB adapter. The “manual” was completely useless which is how I googled and found this thread. I did find a solution though!
Burried most of the way down on the product page AnkerWork PowerConf S500 | Conference Room Speakerphone
is a FAQ. In the Operation&Features section the third question deals with this issue

How do I clear the connection history on the Anker A3303 Bluetooth dongle?
Windows: - Plug in the dongle. - Click the loudspeaker icon on the bottom right menu bar of your PC. - Make sure the “Anker Soundsync A3303” has been selected as the default audio device. - Left-click the loudspeaker icon under the Anker Soundsync A3303 four times. MacOS: - Plug in the dongle. - Make sure the “Anker Soundsync A3303” has been selected as the default audio device. - Click the Mute button on MacBook four times.

So basically (on windows which is all I can speak for) what it’s having you do is ensure the Anker SoundSync A3303 is your currently active audio output device. While not paired it will have a white blinking LED. Power on the PowerConf which should put that device in Bluetooth pairing mode. (so the Bluetooth blue light will be blinking on that device) If not trigger Bluetooth pairing on that PowerConf device as well. Then, for the audio output of the Anker SoundSync A3303 you toggle mute on, mute off, mute on, and finally mute off. This triggers the usb dongle to pair! I was successful at getting the two to pair up!!! And now that works moving forward.

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Thank you for this post! This was the ticket to getting the dongle to pair. We had purchased three devices. Two out of the three devices worked out of the box. Third had to follow the procedure to get the dongle to pair and function.