Soundsync A3341 not Charging?

I own so many Anker products it’s ridiculous, and none of them have ever stopped working, but my Soundsync stopped charging/working on it’s second day of use…

The LED turns red when I plug in power, but neither holding the power button, nor tapping it, will get it to work when powered. I can’t pair anything to it, and it isn’t visible on bluetooth, and it won’t pair to any bluetooth audio devices itself.

Without power, it won’t do ANYTHING. No lights ever. No amount of charging will do anything.
I’ve only ever charged it via Anker cables/batteries.

Is there some way to do a factory reset, or something over USB? Is there any fix?

For reset, turn it off then slide Rx/Tx switch and turn back on.
If it don’t work then just email support and they will help you more.