SoundSync A3341 2 in 1 BT Transmitter/Receiver Review

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Finally got around to finishing off my review this weekend for the SoundSync A3341 which was picked up on the Power User page. I’ve used a few BT transmitters / receiver’s before but this is certainly the better of the bunch, in no small part due to it featuring Bluetooth 5.

Key Features
2 in 1 design gives it flexibility to be used for both BT & non BT devices
Bluetooth 5 provides stable, lag free connection
aptX HD support for high quality audio
Long battery life
Quick charge time
RCA, Aux and optical cables included, giving options for most setups straight out of the box.

Ability to bring Bluetooth to non Bluetooth devices
Quick & easy setup
Included cables for most audio setup options

Con’s (well not entirely)
Price is a tad higher than other variations on the market but this is the only one featuring Bluetooth 5 for multiple device support

I’ve used several Bluetooth transmitters & receivers in the past, all of which have served well and not overly caused me much heartache with their setup and use. The SoundSync however certainly raises the bar thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth 5, allowing for transmitting or receiving to and from more than one device at a time (within reason). Combined with the long battery life and 18 month warranty, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone who is after the ability to stream to multiple speakers or wants to bring new life to older audio equipment.

@AnkerOfficial It might be worth checking the Amazon UK listing, the name could do amending as I don’t think it qualifies as a punchbag wall bracket :grin:

EDIT - I received a PM regarding the little box connected to the AUX input on my speaker during the non-BT section of the review (last photo for ref). This is another BT transmitter / receiver. As I did not have access to a RCA or non-BT speaker I had to utilize the AUX port of my BT speaker to show how the A3341 can be used for connecting non-BT devices in conjunction with another BT transmitter / receiver…hope that makes things a bit clearer :slight_smile:


Nice review @ndalby!

The description one Amazon mentions it can connect to two devices at once, thus sharing the sound transmitted. Did you test this feature?

I never understood the Bluetooth limitation to connect just one device at a time. I guess this transmitter has two Bluetooth radios, then?

Being able to connect two headphones at the same time would make it great for watching a movie with my wife while the baby sleeps! :grin:

Maybe Anker could put one of those on the next PowerDraw… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A newborn baby sleeps a lot Tiago!
So you will have a lot of time watching films NOW!!!

But there will be less time in the future!
The baby will need much more time to care about.

And this is GOOD! :smiley:

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Thanks @tiagomota

Yep, around 1:40 into the video. CD player to two BT speakers…

Surprised that newer products (like this) don’t hit the PowerDraw more often myself…


Great review, thanks for sharing. I like that record player, much nicer than mine haha

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Thanks @elmo41683 , it was one I was sent to review on Amazon…before the review police came into force :laughing:


Yes indeed!

But I’m not jealous. :grin:
When I bought my first stereo as a student (47 years ago)
I spend a lot of money which I earned as a non-skilled worker beside studies.

A Thorens record player with a Shure pickup,
a huge Akai tape recorder
an Akai reciever
and speakers from Braun.

ALL!!! are working properly after this long time.
This was technique you could rely on!
But nowadays …:disappointed_relieved:

Haha that’s cool, the one I ha e I got from Camel cigarette company. I win it last year so I also cannot complain

Awesome review and demo. I wonder how it would work for a midi guitar like the Jamstik+. Thank you for the demo, otherwise I’d still be puzzled about what this gadget can do. :stuck_out_tongue: When you say “low latency,” how low are you talking about? As I recall, it wasn’t advise to use bluetooth headphones for the Jamstik+ due to latency problems.

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Yes this might be very dissatisfying.

I was a musician in my youth:
Drums and organ (As “Old Bushy” (Iron Butterfly))
This is the kind music I activate the “light organ” of my FLARE :slight_smile:

If you play a note and you have to wait a
whole eternity to hear it from the speaker:

This makes no sense!

Nice review @ndalby. I enjoyed the video :thumbsup:

Thanks @nhi & @Oggyboy

Original post updated after a PM question regarding the small box shown in the last picture…

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Really good review :clap:t2::+1:t2:

I saw it show up on my power user page and was tempted to go for it myself but decided against it. My review wouldn’t have been as good as yours though :grimacing:

Nice review. Like that the pictures were on a nice surface.

I use mine nightly with my Liberty+ buds.
I would be concerned about not being able to hear the baby if it has a problem and you both have headphones on. But the Eufy baby monitor coming out soon should solve that problem.

Great review per usual @ndalby :clap::clap::metal:

It kind of reminds me of one of the aliens from War of the Worlds


There’s an Eufy baby monitor on the works? Or are you referring to the Eufy EverCam?

We usually have the baby within eyesight, in a baby box beside us, or even in the baby carrier attached to one of us, so not hearing him isn’t an issue right now.

No an actual baby monitor coming this fall. Check out @joshuad11 post from last week.

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That was a @joshuad11 post, not Neil

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Wow, I haven’t got to that thread yet! :flushed:

I’ll say I would be a great candidate to review a test unit of the baby cam… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oops. Fixed thanks the the heads up

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