Soundsbuds Curve does not pair via bluetooth with Windows 10 computer

Windows 10 laptop (Lenovo) finds the headset, but when I hit pair, it circles endlessly. This headset pairs fine with my phone, but not the laptop.

I have another Soundsbuds Curve (exact same model), which pairs fine with both the phone and the laptop.

What gives? Do these headsets have different firmware versions? If so, can I upgrade? Thank you!

Please use the search function (magnifier) upper right corner.
May be you find some answers.
Delete all items from the bt list and try a new pairing.
May be the other one has another firmware version.
You could ask the soundcore support as well.

@AnkerUser7890 When attempting to pair the Soundbud Curve with your laptop, was their already a BT pairing record for the working pair listed? If so you would need to remove that BT pairing record first before trying to pair the other set of earbuds…otherwise you will end up with a hardware ID conflict.

Ja thats it! :smiley:

A lot of people do state pc BT is a little fickle. Unpair to phone and try to pair to pc.

A good example is I got the q30 and had paired to phone and was pairing to pc. It ended up having trouble airing. So I unpaired and paired to pc first and it worked.

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