Soundmotion + Equalizer Question

Hi, I am a new user for Soundmotion + so far it’s been enjoyable listening to music with this speaker. Though I was curious if anyone has a equalizer setting for watching off the phone? I’ve tried playing around with the custom option but it just comes off sorta bad for me. Great music playing but I can’t seem to get a good setting for watching shows on the phone.

We have been discussing this often.
Depends in the quality of the recordings you are listening to,
Depends on the bt source (player) you use.
Depends on the OS of your mobile.
And last not least, depends on your hearing capability.

By the way what “shows” are watching on what type of mobileß
May be the compression is very low.

Have you been playing around with the eq-settings of the soundcore app.
I am sure there is one which will satisfy you.

This is not common but worth checking you haven’t got volume low or high on the phone or speaker. E.g. bad example is very low on phone and high on speaker.