soundcore2 aux channels

I have a soundcore 2, and when connected via the aux cable to my laptop (no bluetooth) it only plays the right channel of the stereo signal. when connected to my phone via bluetooth, it plays both left and right channels. can anyone tell me if this is correct?

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Hi @mczakk
I’m sure people who are more IT literate will step in if I’m wrong but it seems to be either a laptop setting or more likely the cable.
Is it a stereo aux lead you are using? 3 sections on the 3.5mm pin. If it’s is, could it be damaged?
Maybe the sound settings on your laptop are set to mono?
Maybe the 3.5mm output on your laptop has developed a fault.

I would get hold of another lead and try, along with another device that outputs audio via an aux port.

If that doesn’t work it could be the input on the device.
In which case i would contact support on
Supplying proof of purchase and the item serial number and the will help.

Please keep us updated on your progress.
All the best.

You should check the AUX-cable with another device and/or clean the socket.
Same happened with earbuds of mine.
Working with an old Ipad, not working with a Samsung tablet.
After cleaning (Qtip) its OK :wink:

Sounds like a cable issue (internal break or the like)…do you have another aux cable you can test as a starting point @mczakk ?

Sounds also like it could be a combined audio+mic cable going into an audio-only socket.

Audio only

Audio+mic. Depends on the laptop, some have separate sound from mic socket.

I think it must be the cable, the socket on the laptop is ok, using headphones i can hear both channels
my real question was ‘should it be playing the two channels?’
it is definitely a stereo cable, and it’s being plugged into the headphone socket of the laptop,
I’ve ordered a new cable, so i’ll report back when it arrrives!

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

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New cable arrived today, solved the problem! Thanks for the suggestions guys! :slight_smile:


1 worked :+1:

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Weird I was just watching this film :laughing:

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That’s great news @mczakk
All the best.