¿Soundcore1 has pairing function?

Hi, I was wondering if the soundcore 1 speaker has the stereo pairing function with another equal speaker. I was also thinking of buying 2 flare mini speakers (there is an offer and they are at the same price as the soundcore1) which one do you recommend?

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Which speaker :loud_sound: are you referring to as soundcore 1?

I would definitely go for the flare mini. The soundcore 1 does have twice the battery life, but it has no water resistance, less bass, less ruggedness and overall does not sound as good as the flare mini. The flare mini doesn’t have an aux input like the soundcore 1, but it is rugged, waterproof, has 360 sound output and lights of you are into that kind of thing. In short, if you want the most battery life possible or to play using a wired connection, get the soundcore 1, otherwise I would get the flare mini.

@Unnamed raises a good point, is this the speaker you are referring to as soundcore one?

If you are referring to the speaker above it does not have stereo mode.

Thanks! Yes, that is the soundcore I meant

Yes that is the one, what a shame…it would have been fantastic if it had the pairing function

It was one of the first speakers they made before stereo mode was really thing. I do recommend the flare minis or if you can get the new flare 2s they work amazing with there stereo mode plus 360 speakers. I’ve got that speaker and 2 flare minis.

There is an offer of the flare mini (24$) I think that 2 flare minis would sound better than a soundcore 2, what do you think?. But flare dont have Jack input, and I dont know if there would be some delay with my computer when I play the guitar or something.

I don’t have the soundcore 2, but I do have the soundcore select which is almost identical to the soundcore 2, and I would take the flare mini all day long for sound. Two flare minis would blow the soundcore 2 away. I’m not one hundred percent sure about the latency problem though.

Sound wise two flare minis would be better. As for the latency issue I’m not sure.

The speaker you are speaking about has no stereo pairing function.
I own two FLAREs which I paired.
I am sure that you will like if using two FLAREs mini paried.
Or you should wait for the upcoming FLARE model.
This can be paired upto 100 speakers we have been told.

I recommend the regular flares over the flare mini. They are a better value.

If you are willing to wait, the flares go on sale occasionally 2 for $60