Soundcore won't turn on when on battery, won't pair when plugged in

I have been using my soundcore boost for about a week with no problems. Suddenly, there was a pop sound, and it disconnected from my phone. From then on, it charges fine and turns on when plugged in, but can no longer pair. Tried resetting/pairing many times without luck. And now oddly, it can never turn on when running on battery. It has to be plugged in to power up. The battery indicator says the battery is full. But as soon as you unplug the usb cord, whether it’s on or not, there is a popping sound, and it turns off. Has anyone seen this before?

Contact and provide them with the serial number and order number and they will assist with troubleshooting and if need be warranty exchange

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Sounds like a board component has failed. As mentioned by @elmo41683 you would be best sending an email to with your serial no / order no / purchase date & troubleshooting steps taken so far, for assistance under your 18 month warranty…

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Thanks will do!