Soundcore Wakey

Really looking forward to this product; if it is built well, it really has all of the features I would want on a nightstand alarm. Anyone else excited?


We have quite a few other CES new product threads, I suggest moving it there. @AnkerOfficial

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The bluetooth icon the front implies it does more than the write-ups so far, implies pairing with the phone so it is also a speaker.

Whitenoise, is that caused by the Soundcore Infini in the apartment next door?

(Anker is the problem, and the solution)

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Hmmm, I have mixed feelings about it. First off, why white? LOL… Secondly, $100 is a bit steep for an alarm clock.


yeah your phone right there has an alarm capability.

I think the combination of wireless charger + speaker is likely the killer combination so you BT pair, and place it on so it keeps working without running flat while streaming. The alarm part… has little benefit over the device it is charging.

If they wanted to make a cheaper product just put a wireless charger ontop just a speaker. Say the wireless part only operated while the speaker was plugged into USB.

For bedside if they wanted to merge this idea in from a competitor?


Looks like a very nice addition. Would look great on my bedside table.

I personally have an old school FM alarm clock (never has failed to wake me up, malfunctioning smartphones on the other hand…), phone charger, and Bluetooth speaker on my nightstand. This would more or less combine those products and give some ambient noises to boot.

I do like the idea of a bluetooth speak & wireless charger combo. With the built-in clock, I’d be able to finally get rid of the old Sony AM/FM clock radio in my bedroom.

However: I don’t need it to have an alarm since I use my phone’s alarm, and I really don’t need an FM radio in it because I don’t remember the last time I listened to the radio (even in the car, I stream music from my phone). Hopefully it’ll come in a color other than white.

I really like the concept and what they’re going for, but it wants to do too much and I don’t think I’d pay $100 for it.

Damn I want one but I doubt it’s affordable

It looks interesting and seems like a nice gadget to have next to your bed. However, at $100, I think the price is a bit high, so I’ll probably buy it once they drop the price or when it goes on sale