Soundcore wakey speaker

Why can’t support with iPhone 11pro max…
During music play not going smooth…

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When you say it’s not smooth, is there any noise or disturbance?

Are you wireless charging iPhone 11 Pro on Wakey while playing music?

Have you tried deleting and re-pairing BT on Wakey?

Try this and let us know.

Try doing a reset on the wakey, or simply turning it off and back on

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Can be bitrate your playing, or format… Aptx etc, if using aux, can be a dirty port not bad cable.

When you say not smooth? mean music cuts in n out? Or there is interference m

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I’m not charging while playing music
Yes already repairing but still same
Will become cut in and cut out like that…

Alrdy reset but still same…

Yes cut in and cut out… I close all my bluetooth connection… Still same…

Please reach out to with your purchase proof, it well might be a faulty unit and needs to be analyzed by Soundcore team, and possible RMA

Contact support

Hey @Ivan_Chan
How are you getting on with support?
I have the Wakey too and love it, so It’s a shame to hear you are having/had problems.

I have had this for I believe about 10 months or so. It worked effortlessly with my XR, had a few of the same glitches with the sound, like a CD that had scratches in it. I’ve had my 11 for about 2 months. I had to make it forget the device, unplug it, turn off my phone. Then turn everything back on and re-Bluetooth it. But now that’s not working anymore and it’s not even showing the correct time either and I lost my receipt. I can’t find ANYTHING on line about how to factory rest this thing. Almost $100 for something that won’t even last a year is a LOT of money I am NOT happy.

Did you use the Soundcore app, that seems to be how you are meant to interact, not just settings forget.