Soundcore Wakey Speaker Review

I received this speaker from Anker last Friday and could not wait to start using it immediately. I’ve been using it for over a week now and just amazed by what Anker did here.

Build and Design

Anker hit a home run with the Wakey Speaker. The speaker is well designed, very stylish and will blend in any decor but fits perfectly in a modern decor. The speaker is 6 devices in one, bluetooth speaker, wireless charger for enabled devices, FM radio, alarm clock, white noise speaker and regular USB charger for any device. The finish is matte so it does not show fingerprints and the grille is light gray, it matches well with any google home speaker or hub. Behind the grille there is a bright LED screen that adjusts to different brightness levels via the app, it clearly shows the time from away. Time syncs with your phone so no need to adjust anything. Underneath the grille, you get buttons to adjust volume, turn on the radio or white noise mode. In the back, you get 2 usb ports for charging devices, a connection to the supplied FM antenna and an AUX in.

Wireless Charging

The speaker top is equipped with a fast wireless charging for Qi equipped devices. I have an iPhone so I will not be able to charge at 10W but rather at 7.5W. I compared the charging times to my PowerWave Fast wireless charging stand it’s pretty close. It’s pretty neat to combine a speaker and wireless charger and eliminate the stands. I will be moving the stand to my desk.

Sound Quality

The Wakey has two 5 W drivers with clear and crisp sound. The sound is pretty loud for a bedside speaker and would not always need to connect to my Soundecore Infini Pro soundbar to listen to music at night. However, I will be using the soundbar to listen music during the day.

Other Features

The speaker has Bluetooth 5 so range is not an issue. I was easily able to be in my office about 25 feet away and had no issues with music dropping out. The FM radio is a pretty neat feature and you can set 10 favorite channels using the app for quick access. Alarms are set via the app and you can add up to 15 alarms with different tones. Also, through the app you can set ambient noises like rainfall, birds, waves, or train rumble to help you sleep better. My google home speaker does the same but I’m a pretty light sleeper and can’t sleep with any noise so I was not able to utilize this feature at the time being but it’s pretty cool to have.


The speaker is $99.99 on amazon and you can score one for $80 with a coupon, is it worth it? Certainly, it’s worth every penny and could easily be priced for $150.00. Way to go Anker!


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Thanks for the review and pictures. Looks great, and has almost all the features one could want

Excellent review :+1:. Keep up the good work! Hope you win some more testing events!

Great review, thanks for sharing!

Great pictures and review! Looks like a nice item

Excellent review and pictures @Tony_A thanks for sharing :+1:

Excellent review. What’s the rating on that AC adapter? How many watts does Wakey takes?

Nice Review

Great review and pictures!

Great review and pictures!

Great review you did a great job really testing my self control on not buying it cause you make it sound so good

Great review, sounds like a great all-in-one product - which makes it very very tempting :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the review. I think I saw this in Walmart not very long ago and I honestly had no issues it had so many features, almost regret not looking at it more.

great review and photos!!!:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Input it 120-240V 1.2 A, output is 15V 3.0A.

Thank you all. Glad you enjoyed the review.

Great review!

Nice review Tony. Thanks for sharing with us. :smiley:

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