SoundCore Wakey Review

Hello, a few days ago I received the SOUNDCORE Wakey from ANKER, I want to share my review about this device.

In this review I will make my comments about I consider to be the most important points.

Let us begin

Wireless Speed charging

The first thing I want to comment on is wireless charging, I definitely think that ANKER has the best wired and wireless mobile charging technologies, if they are not the best, they are definitely among the best.

The speed of charge: Really the charge is extremely fast, we are talking about you can charge your mobile in less than 30 minutes. Amazing.

In addition, has 2 USB connectors on the back to connect your mobile via cable.

You can charge your mobile via USB cable while using wireless charging, and apparently this does not degrade the speed of the charge.

Obviously, it has the integrated IQ technology for devices up to 10W.

From 1 to 10, I definitely give it a 10 when it comes to wireless charging.


SOUNDCORE Wakey has a clean, high quality sound, it sounds perfectly in indoor environments, very good for 10W, volume you do not experience bad sound if you use the highest, Wakey have the “White noise generator” technology.

It also has 10 environmental sounds to induce sleep, this is interesting for me, and relaxing, Really is very interesting for me.

It has FM Radio, and you can pre-set up to 10 favorite stations for quick access.

From 1 to 10, I give it 10 in sound quality, it sounds perfectly for 10w


Wakey has Bluetooth 5 with all its advantages, speed, range of coverage,

In my test, the bluetooth worked perfectly in a range of 11m to 20m indoors.

It has a connector for aux, in case you want to connect a device that does not use bluetooth.

Clock and alarm clock

I will start by giving my score. From 1 to 10, I give 12. LOL

The time is set inmedialtly when you synchronize your mobile.

The Wakey has a Led screen with a very nice design. You can modify the brightness level of the clock’s LED display, It even has a sensor that allows the brightness to adjust automatically depending on the amount of light in the room. Interesting because it is an alarm clock, it will be in your room while you sleep, light should not be a problem.

Even if you want you can turn off the screen.

You can add up to 15 alarms for different hours, and the best thing is that you do it from the application, you have 10 tone options for your alarms including the same FM radio.

It also has a range of sounds that induce sleep. Wow. Great.

Buttons and Controls

The control is completely easy to handle, with a good touch sensitivity, just place your finger.

The control panel are quite intuitive.

It also includes a very high quality microphone

Design and Size

As you can see in the images below, the design is very elegant, and the size is very similar to the alarm clocks, around 7 inches long.

As you can see in the images below, the design is very elegant, and the size is very similar to the alarm clocks, around 7 inches long.

Matte finish, it does not break with the design of your room because color is white.

It has an adequate weight, around one pound.

The packaging is well designed, protects the equipment from damages.

User’s manual

User’s manual in 17 different languages, very easy to understand, intuitive.


It is currently available in Amazon for only $ 99, which is a considerably low price, because you have about 5 different devices in one



• That must always be connected to the electric power to work, I am sure that ANKER launches a model that allows charging.

• For the FM radio to work, you have to connect a cable that works as an antenna, I do not know if you have built an internal antenna without external cable.

Below I leave you the photos and the video of the unboxing. Don’t forget view the youtube video.

This is the perfect combination, wireless speed charging, speakers, alarm clock.


Your bedside table have one or two charger, cables, alarm clock, speaker, your mobile.



Nice review, great photos :+1:

Thanks for detailing on the Antenna requirement for the FM radio. Had a question here, can you please elaborate on the “connect a cable that works as antenna”, where does the cable need to be connected, which port on Wakey?

Also Wakey is available for $79.99 now for a limited time


Great review @rayker! I’ve been really happy to see you be more active lately :wink:. If you keep it up you’ll continue to win events like this!

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thanks for the review!

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Great job with the review and pics. It was very informative. :slight_smile:

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Good review and pictures @rayker :ok_hand:

Can understand why they went the wired route, when you look and all the things the clock is doing, plus the last thing you need is a low battery warning in the middle of the night :grin:


Good review, thanks for sharing.

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If the Wakey doesn’t support DAB+ there will be no use for me.
Its a chip only to be added.

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Great review and photos!

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Very nice review and pictures:)

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Great review, well written and shown in pictures :+1:

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Nice review and photos! :ok_hand:


Great review

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Nice review!

I’d like to see Wakey 2 have Google Assistant. It just makes sense to have in the bedroom :wink:


This clock looks amazing. Great review and pics.

I wouldn’t buy it without DAB really. It needs to be wifi’d up and digital radio connected.

Also, not even Anker’s PD can charge a phone in 30 mins so would look at this and wonder if it’s true.


Excellent review! Thanks for sharing. I’d buy one in a heartbeat but the price point is a bit high.:expressionless:

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I don’t know how DAB+ is used in the US.
TELL US please friends.

Its the best way listening to radio.
No distortion no noise at all


hope so, thanks

LOL, i imagine that

Maybe in the future