Soundcore Wakey mixed fonts in FM

Recently bought a Soundcore Wakey and I really like the product!

One thing I found as a problem is when listening to FM radio, there is some weird font issue. A station like 101.70 would display the first “1” sans-serif and the second “1” serif. See attached image.

On the clock 11:11 would display fine.

Support only suggested a reset but it didn’t help.

Firmware: 0.6.0
Product number: A3300

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Hi @akamburov
I have a Wakey too and mines the same, even after the upgrade.
I’ve never queried it as it hasn’t bothered me much.
I thought maybe its supposed to be some kind of separator.

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Can you please try 101.70 or something with first and second “1” , and upload a photo?

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That is @akamburov the station is kiss on 106.40
Its weird I’ve only noticed on the radio, the clock is always fine.

Yes, only the first “1”, only in FM mode is strange (sans-serif). It really looks like an intended “feature” which is inconsistent hence a bug.

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Maybe a future firmware release might correct this. @AnkerTechnical ?

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Feedback from support is that it’s a “design related issue, as the numbers and words on display of Wakey is limited.”.

I suppose they won’t be able to fix it although I’m not 100% sure it’s impossible. Clock is 4 digits plus colon plus icon, while radio is smaller icon plus 5 digits squeezed tighter.

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Let’s see what the future holds @akamburov
Have a great weekend.