Soundcore vortex on sale

You can now get the first over the head bluetooth headphones the Ankers Soundcore Vortex for $59.99
Apply this code at checkout: VOTX3032


Good catch…be interested to see how the mic handle’s calls (which is a question often raised in reviews)…

Thanks, I kinda wanna order these but I just ordered my phone so don’t wanna break the bank anymore than I already did.

The slight upside of the UK getting items later, more time to save and catch some first reviews :slight_smile:


These looks so good. Definitely want to get my hands on these and would probably become my main commuting and in bed you tube headphones.

In fact I’d be wearing them all the time haha

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Thanks for sharing the deal. I want a pair but I’ll have to wait for a while.

Also in the Uk

Anker Soundcore Vortex Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with 20-Hour Playtime, Bluetooth 4.1, Hi-Fi Stereo Sound, Soft Memory-Foam Earmuffs, w/Built-in Mic and Wired Mode


I was thinking of purchasing these headphones but the shipping and taxes from amazon real got me i guess I’ll wait until Walmart gets them in stock

What do you think of over-ear buds?

If you go back far enough you had a binary choice of good over-ear or bad in-ear. Bass and quality was bad in-ear.

But now the in-ear has got so good, what is the benefit of over-ear?

The last over-ear I bought was the Bose QC35 18 months ago, I paid $382.32

To help with in-flight audio quality, but then I got the Soundbud Slim and they are so good I preferred to not carry the big over-ear.

The Soundcore Slim / Slim+ is about $21, so about 5% of the cost of Bose.

This week I repaired my Bose QC35, the foam padding around the ear had split and I had to buy replacements for ~ $12

I’m excited for this one! I still wish that it charged via USB-C and not micro USB!!!

We need Anker to be the trend setter that pushes USB-C into the mainstream!

Cost is still a factor in that. As I mentioned before, most manufacturers won’t switch to usb c until all major phone makers and manufacturers make the same switch. Another problem is there is no set standard for usb c charging so cost is still relatively high.

Nice new pair of wireless over the ear headphones. The specs are pretty decent, and I like the fact that they can be used wired if need be (AUX cable included).

Who else is excited to get their hands on a pair?

I have already ordered at once :thumbsup:

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Ohhhhhh…I think I just found an Anniversary gift for the hubby :wink:


Currently unavailable

Thanks so much

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My review of these headphones is coming soon