Soundcore Vortex not working

After about a month of use, my Soundcore Vortex have completely stopped turning on. I’ve tried charging them through several different cords and outlets, but to no avail. Is there anything I’m missing about this that I can try or were these headphones just a little defective. This is my first experience with Anker and from the little time I had them I really enjoyed the quality. I’m a little disappointed if this means the headphones are done.

Have you tried cleaning out the charging port? Perhaps there is lint in the port that is blocking it from charging? If this doesn’t help, contact SoundCore … or you can call them if you’re in the U.S. Their number is USA: 1-800-988-7973 …
Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM (PT). Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!

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