Soundcore: turn off bluetooh

is there a way to totally torn off the bluetooth, or is it always in pairing mode ? i use that very rarely, and i could save battery charge !


May you tell us the model you are referring too, please.
Normally there is a button at the speaker to turn on/off bt.

I take it your referring to a speaker, can you tell us which model?

Normally by default the BT connection remains in pairing mode and/or allows pairing (if a device is not already paired) even when a device is connected via auxiliary…

yes, i’m sorry. it is the soundcore pro. it is to preserve battery charge too

Thanks for the update. The there is no option to force disable the Bluetooth connection on the SoundCore Pro however if you are connected via an auxiliary cable, it should keep Bluetooth in a disconnected state.

Hey, I just googled Soundcore 2 Bluetooth off and this was the first link!, Google got it right! Anyway @ndalby I have had my SC2 for years now and it used to auto toggle off BT when Aux was plugged in, but it does not anymore. Yes, I have done a firmware update since I bought it, no I not sure if that’s when it started. As random as this OP’s post was, it still applies. So, I just plugged my SC2 Aux to a monitor and it connected to my phone via BT first…So, I find that odd because, well I am sure it has to do with the amount of power involved in running them, but my Life NCs can be connected via Aux without ever even having to turn them on. So as I am typing this I was testing the SC2 to see how long it would stay in that “pairing mode” state while plugged in with Aux, it was about a minute. All I did was power it on and press the BT button to send it into pairing mode, disconnects it from any previous connections, then just let it sit and the Blue blinking pairing light went off, but the power light is still on/sound is coming out. So I guess to answer their question…wait a minute? lol

Same issue for the Rave 2. I mainly play music from the USB drive. USB playback vs Bluetooth usually use up about as much as the other. In any case, the battery savings are pale compared to the power output towards the speakers (like literally saving a watt vs 80-100W on the speakers).

I have found that connecting the speaker via Bluetooth, to adjust the volume or EQ, or connect the soundcore app. Then either turn off bt, or disconnect from the phone. The bt light goes out. BT is still active in the background, as when you enable BT again on the phone, it’ll automatically reconnect.

But at least you’re saving that 0.3W of power towards the Bluetooth led. :slight_smile: