Soundcore True-Wireless Earbuds Charging Case Survey

Hi Soundcore Fans,

We would like to hear your thoughts on true-wireless earbuds and their charging cases before the launch of our 2nd generation of Liberty true-wireless earbuds. To thank you for taking part in the survey, we’ll randomly pick 1 of you to receive a free pair of our new earbuds.

Note: We can only deliver to addresses in the US, UK, and Germany. The prize will be sent to the winner in October 2019.

Soundcore Team


I hope I get randomly selected. I can’t complain of my wireless NEO compare to the cost.

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I wouldn’t mind wining this! I’ve never won a survey prize before, so this would be a nice first :joy:


I bought a pair awhile back, so since I already own one I wish you best of luck, hope you win buddy.

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Thanks! That survey was a lot easier then I was expecting :joy:

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Thanks for another opportunity to try and win something. Quick and easy survey, love it

Thanks Anker for the chance to win Soundcore True -Wireless Earbuds with a Survey. :grin:

Thanks Anker, was easiest survey ever… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the giveaway Anker, interesting questions too :slight_smile:

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Awesome giveaway yet again, good luck to everyone who enters in.

Thanks for the giveaway Anker! I haven’t gotten to try any true wireless earbuds from Anker, would love to try a pair.


Interesting survey. Good luck everyone.

Im interested in what these will be like. I listen on my spirit x buds for most of my 9 hour shift and they held up well, but the wired portion is kind of annoying so I am looking into a truly wireless option. Need something easy to charge and confortable, so maybe I will hold off a little longer until I see what these are like.

I’ve been trying to win a pair for almost as long as I’ve been on here

Thank u by the wah about this giveway success team.of anker

So I am assuming you are reverse engineering the actual cost/capacity of the case with the answers to what we would expect to pay?

Without defining the capacity of the charging case it’s kind of hard to assign a replacement worth.

I think a case that is able to be located on a application would be far more useful then one with an alarm when you get 5m away. That could be annoying for people who put their buds in to do physical activity and purposely leave the case behind. Being that there is already a Zolo app, that app should just be expanded to include any of the Anker branded true wireless buds and have a geo-location feature in it like in your Roav car chargers.

I have completed the survey! Looking forward to learning more about Liberty 2 and Liberty 2 Pro!