Soundcore Trance Review

First of all thank you Anker for the chance to review this product.

The Soundcore Trance is a small to medium size speaker. Comes fully packed with 80w of power, LED lights, IPX7 waterproof and a big battery life (18 hours).
It also comes with a strap for easy carry.

It comes with buttons on the top, such buttons are power, bass, lights, Bluetooth, volume and back and forward.

Take total control of your playlist with easy-pair Bluetooth, but there is also an aux port. There’s also a built-in USB port, ideal for charging your phone and other USB devices.

Beautiful sound quality once again, with pretty impressive range, and nice clear bass sound that doesn’t overpower the mids and highs.
I used this speaker on New Year’s and kept the party rocking for quite a few hours (8+). I placed it on my back porch and we were able to listen to it while we were inside. The synching multicolored LED lights are definitely a nice touch and immediately catches your attention.
You can also download a companion app, Soundcore, which let’s you customize the equalizer, as well control the LED lights.

Overall, it’s a great speaker, with a $150 price tag, your money will be well spent on this great Soundcore Trance speaker!


Thank you for your review and pictures! Well done :clap:

Woah. What’s a large speaker then? :joy:

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Good review! Looks like they nailed another great product

$150 for a medium size speaker with long battery life and life show? Yeah I’ll take two :smirk:
Which also got me thinking, can it sync with both speaker?

Yes, two of these can be paired together

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Nice review and pictures @laura2016hart :+1:

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Nice review and photos!

Thank you for sharing your experience with it. Excellent job. :slight_smile: I really like the look of it.

Good review and pics.

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Great review! thanks for sharing!

Great review and unboxing photos Laura. :clap:t2::ok_hand:t2:

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I will say to Laura. it was a great review. Hope you like it for years to come.


Thank you guys! Glad you liked my review

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