Soundcore Trance Deal for $99!

Soundcore Trance Deal for $99!!!

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BassUp Technology

Our proprietary technology boosts the bass in real time to immediately intensify the party atmosphere wherever you set Trance down.

Wireless Stereo Pairing

Enjoy stereo sound or double the volume when you connect two Trance wireless speakers via a single device.

Beat-Driven Light Show

Use the Soundcore app to choose from preset lighting modes to ensure the LEDs pair perfectly with your party’s vibe.

Extended Playtime

Long-lasting 18-hour battery life ensures Trance party speaker can soundtrack multiple events on a single charge.

Charge Your Devices

Phone low on power? Simply plug it into the built-in USB port and give its battery a boost.

Flexible Handle

Trance party speaker has a built-in handle to ensure easy transport to virtually any party location.

Indoor and Outdoor Modes

Tailor Trance party speaker’s audio output using the Soundcore app. Indoor mode balances the sound to make it suitable for enclosed spaces, while outdoor mode amps up the bass.

Party Games

Choose from Truth or Dare, Categories, or Spin the Bottle on the Soundcore app to get everyone interacting.

Dual Bluetooth Connection

Can’t decide who has the best party playlist? Connect two devices and let the music do the talking.


Nice deal! :heart_eyes:

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Awesome deal

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Party annimal must have one!:joy:

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