SoundCore Stereo volume problems

I have a SoundCore Stereo speaker since years now, always connected via Bluetooth at maximum volume, then I fix the volume from the PC.
Some days ago I noticed the volum was quite low, and I realized the volume of the speaker was lowing together with the volume of the PC and I never had this issue before. I mean the speaker always kept his volume at maximum level and never went down with PC controls: PC volume and SoundCore were 2 separate things…
I’ve tried re-pairing but didn’t solved the problem. I’ve looked around the forum but found nothing helpful :sweat:
How can I fix this? It’s quite annoying!

Hope it makes sense because English is not my native language.
Thank you for any help :relaxed:

Windows latest update borked all bluetooth connections. What your going to have to do is go into settings and manually change your bt volume and master volume separately

Such a major oversight doesn’t Inspire much confidence :joy::joy:

Its windows, they lost credibility a long time ago


Has Windows ever given someone confidence? :joy:

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Yes I guessed it was Window’s latest update :angry:
If by “master volume separately” you mean to push at maximum the bluetooth volume settings then I already did it, but speaker’s volume keeps on going down together with the PC’s volume controls.
Any other suggestions?!